...said by every good guy

SO what is a
good guy?

One of 10k beer-loving good guys living his best life on the ethereum blockchain (ERC-721) - we bet you have never heard that one before. Each guy is unique and, besides looking like a decade-long hangover, gives you access to the Bodega (a sort of poor man's Art Blocks).

So why should you care about another 10k NFT project? We don't know, just kidding, the Bodega will be super cool - that's where you will get curated NFT-art from extraordinary artists.

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GGs sold .../10000

0.06 ETH

the why...
aka roadmap

The roadmap consists of three parts. Part I is
tools for degens, Part II is the Bodega (which is our version of Art Blocks, but free for good guys) with each guy getting three mint passes, and Part III is the Girlz (a PFP project that
has been created in cooperation with our


Every good guy (GG) is unique, and the collection is generated from some 180 traits, some rarer and weirder than others. Each guy is represented as a digital collectible (NFT) using the ERC-721 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each guy is offered at 0.06 ETH, and you can purchase a max of ten per transaction.

P.S. You get full creative and commercial rights to your guy.

you can use

you can use

Cool links (yes that is comic sans)
and a cigar smoking a

the BODEGA...

The Bodega will be amazing and feature cool NFT-art made by fantastic artists (dudes and dudettes). We will curate pieces that you will enjoy sober or drunk.

Each good guy will be able to claim three mint passes towards the end of Q2 2022. You won't miss it...as the claim button is right below...it will be magical...

Please note that claiming your mint passes is not yet live.


my name is



Two friends (W1lly & Turtle aka Tuna aka Woz) created the Good Guys project with the help of a small team of amazing artists (as we can't draw for s**t).

We have a massive passion for everything blockchain and art, and wanted to recreate a style of art that we hold dearly from our childhood (thus the cool punk rock rats) and build the Bodega (to serve as a launchpad for outstanding artists).

This is a portrait I made of  Tuna, aka Turtle, which technically makes him a good guy. /W1lly


What is this?
How do I join the Good Guys?
WhAT are the Girlz?
What is the Bodega?
Are some Good Guys rarer than other?
What is the Good Guys twitter?
How do I join the Good Guys discord?
How do I contact the dev team?